Its almost time for a haircut

I remember my Dad calling it “getting your ears lowered”, but no matter how you describe it – I need to get it done.

My hair grows like wildfire. If I got my haircut as often as I “needed to” it’d be getting cut once every two weeks at the least. I’m not sure why my body produces follicles at such a rate on my head, yet my chin remains stubbly at best – but that is another discussion altogether.

Every single time I get a haircut, I end up letting it go beyond the breaking point. I’m pretty sure this is due to the fact that if I got it done as I should, the frequency would be so high that it would just be annoying (let alone expensive).

I’ll get it cut soon, but I’m in no real hurry.

Edit: deleted my photo of me needing a haircut.  Once I figure out why, I’ll get one back up.